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Overcomming ADHD and Illiteracy

As a child, the first school I attended was a private school, which sounds like it would be a great experience. Although, mine was not very fortunate. It was a small little church, and after kindergarten, there were no teachers, just disciplinarians. I was nine years old when my grandmother discovered I could not read or write. Up to this point, I was an "A" student, my Grandmother insisted that I switch schools. The public school system attempted to help me but I was a very hyperactive kid. I was pushed through the system many times so I did not have to be dealt with. I graduated High School, at a six grade reading level and was very poor at Math as well. After High school, I was diagnosed with having ADHD and after researching as much as I could about ADHD I learned to cope with it naturally without being medicated. I developed a passion for knowledge and I worked very hard to become a better reader. Without tackling ADHD and Illiteracy I could not have accomplished what I have in college.

Starting a Business

I started Real-Care which is a Lawn Care/ Real Estate Maintanence company in Mattoon, Il. Real-Care has been in busines for 4 years and is still growing.

Creating Residual Income

I joined The Conklin business 1 year ago, and I have built my Conklin bussiness to the sales maneger level.

Thomas White
35 Apple Dr.
Mattoon, Il 61938